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Villa Placer


     Initially planned for a site in the suburbs south of a highly conjested traffic road and north of a calm refreshing waterway, this Villa is designed with the inspiration of Le Corbusier's Villa La Roche Jeannerette. The design of this Villa incorporates his five points of architecture and the use of private versus public space  while also managing to stimulate the human senses through the five points, daylight and the different spaces of the house. Like Villa La Roche, Placer not only serves as a residential space, but also evokes a visitorial promenade that puts into perspective the daily and/or life routine of the human being. The Villa is designed to host a library, studio and lounging area, aside of the garage, living room, dining room and bedrooms.

      One enters the home through the lobby which is akwardly seperated from the home, you ascend towards the upper floor along side a light that also ascends from your feet to your cheek througout the corridor. The construction of the ascending walkway is in such a way that light enters at each step, giving you a feel of empowerment and security. As you continue, you enter a library that suggests to have a jacuzzi for a reading space of leisure. The noise of bubbling and clashing water of the jacuzzi stimulates a relaxing and comfortable environment. This room then leads you to the corridor of flashing lights, the free fascade allows for slits that show the intensity of light, the corridor then leads you to the most naturally lit space in the Villa. Coming out of the corridor you are surprised by the amount of light allowed by the curtain wall and now find yourself in a peaceful natural environment above water, this is the studio/work space of the Villa. To continue the promenade you have to go through the second flashing lights corridor into the Stars lounge inspired by a starry ceiling that illuminates the room. Out of the lounging room, one meets the private space of the home where the kitchen and deeper behind you can find the dining room and bedrooms. Only then, do you realzie that from the kitchen space one can observe the whole promenade.

       As the visitor continues towards the public path they go down the stairs into the ground floor, which leads to a double height living room shaped like a piano. There is also a curtain wall in this room which allows maximum sunlight and a very pleasing starry night sky. The promenade for the visitor ends in the living room where they have the choice of leaving through the garage or walking out into the patio, gazing at the infinity pool that overlooks the waterway. Through the patio there is also an exit which is an alleyway in between the ascending entrance corridor and the rest of the house. For the residents, the private space is a cozy one and of leisure. Each bedroom with a balcony and a suggested two person shower. The Villa is supposed to maximize the pleasure of a resident and its visitor through the human interaction of one's senses and the built environment.

Floor Plans

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