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"When ornament and structure become a single thing, strangely enough the result is a new feeling of freedom. Suddenly, you no longer need to explain or apologise for this or that decorative detail: it is a structure, a space .. Things start to get interesting when you bring all these elements together in a single thing, and if you can experience it."  - Jacques Herzog

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Formulative - Part III of III.I (process)

Architecture - Structure - Concept 


    There's the saying form equals function and then there's ornament equals structure which equals space. Two very insightful ways of going about architecture. I believe that when the structure ties in to the experience, as well as the concept you define a unique architecture, a unique architectural experience. "The paper plane teaches you to imagine" is the concept for this project. How the shape of a plane unfolds to its different critical geometries defining space, density and interaction was developed in formulative parts I and II and provided an abstracted architecture of the density in the city to representational form. The structure opens up and closes in, creating spaces of intensity and exposure, all along the horizontal plane.


    This concept is elevated upon the vertical urban realm of the city, where the geometry of the plane and of formulative is transformed into the facade of the building. This facade provides a play of triangulated panels which become an ornamental installation that opens and closes to respected times of the day and sun exposure. This allows a play with sun and shade, transformation of views from interior to exterior, an addition of exterior balcony spaces as the panels open up to the view of the city and a dynamic architectural icon in the skyline of New York.

   To me as the panels become the ornament of a building's facade, the ornament is also a representation of the structure. The structure of the building must be enhanced to the concept of what is opening and what is enclosing, what is intensifying a density in the city, in a space, in a program, to what is privacy and intimacy in a city, in a space and in a program. This is done through the primary core which allows a free facade and open floor plan for the curtain wall and panel installation to exist. 

    The secondary structure(s) of the building which become the columns, create the differentiation of floor to ceiling spaces throughout the building, developing the notion of high density interaction versus intimate density interaction. Columns are representing the notion of form and function, in that their form and decoration is intuitive to the function of the space. In fact, they are examples of the nature of the city, what entices urban program and what develops it. Hence, the columns in tree-like form illuminated and decorated with landscape will emphasize urban density and program in the building.



Mid Day Panels

Closed Panels


Open Night View Panels

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