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" The typological essense is a complement element." - Aldo Rossi 

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Materials, Decor and Ambiance Defining An Architectural Environment  

Amenities and programs provide the speculative, stimulus and attraction of the potentials of a building or environment. It is very important to think carefully of what we want to create, who we want to invite and what we want to influence. As architects and designers we are creators and producers, we amplify and/or explore the theatrics of daily lives and habits. Therefore, it is a very critical process, when delivering on a concept or scheme, materials and decor, what is the ambiance that we are trying to create within each environment. 


The Restaurant 


The building's primary goal is to bring in a new surplus of economy and visitors to the neighborhood, with that being said, a restaurant of fine dining is developed to provide a place of prestige on the corner of its presence. There is nothing like the notion of a well known restaurant in a neighborhood. As an architectural designer, the first question is what is fine dining? Moreover, how do we translate the architecture of the existing and redevelopment of the façade.  How can we create a classical interior to match the Romanesque, Islamic-ish and Byzantine qualities of the exterior being proposed. An exuberant red, or burgundy, provides a color of strength and hierarchy. The ideal brass or gold framing with a Victorian design for a wallpaper and material fabric provides a rich feel for the ambiance and environment that is being created. From the yellow light globes, lanterned wall sconces and golden chandeliers there is an aura of prestige. Marble floor tiles, with luminated walk aisles provide the resonance of a gala. Hence, not only is the ground floor establishing a presence for the restaurant, but it is also establishing a presence for the lobby entrance of the upper hotel. In where a spiral staircase is swooping onto the upper floors in a beautifully cantilevered fashion, with marble stair threads and an excited railing enticing each step ascending.


The building's secondary goal is to transcend a new surplus of economy with visitors and fashion. To me there is a great connection with fashion and architecture, material and décor. What is fashion to aesthetic, to culture and ambiance? These are the relative questions when producing an architectural environment. Once again, the exterior façade defined with golden/brass framing needs to transcend to the interior of the new fashion statement being proposed in the area. A high aesthetic of marble countertops, white suede couches, dropped lanterned light boxes and backdrops in goldish yellow enamor the idea of a holy space, or at least a clean space, with the cloud-white washed walls, and blue stone floor tiles, to adhere with the exterior arches of the façade. Our garments define our character and style, who is to say one is holy or not, is an opinion, but there is a certain atmosphere that is being created to provide prestige for the retailers that will influence and stimulate the space.


The Retail 

As we continue to the Lobby Area on the upper level, the notion of Victorian Art lives through the paintings, wall paper décor and material fabric of the furniture's in the space. The Byzantine and Middle-Eastern qualities define the design of the railing panels, more importantly it is a recollection to the Marseille MuCEM's façade. Hence, the dropped chandeliers and the white stone piano, lavished with a burgundy finish, entices the notion of the quality of the Hotel being developed and introduced. From the paintings of the prairie landscape to match with the furniture and goldish/brass framing of the coffee table, to the paintings of the ocean waves and the abstract sun, the environment is of a quiet tranquil space, but one very decored and calling of exuberant culture. 

The Gym on the other hand, might still have to be rethought and developed. But, nevertheless, there was a search for attractive colors that would enliven the spirit in their daily workouts. Hence, the yellow and black, providing a drastic juxtaposition of color and contrast. While the lighting fixtures placed in specific locations enhance the different activities in a space, as you can see in the floor plan the gym is thought out to provide different training and workouts in a rather small square footage pertaining to the Hotel's private clientele.

The Upper Lobby and Gym Area


The Upper Spa and Baths


In continuation of the building's primary goal, to bring in a new surplus of economy and visitors to the neighborhood, a luxurious spa and bathhouse is developed with Carbon Rich indoor baths and outdoor pools making a presence in the neighborhood's market as an asset of the building's development. From Massage rooms, to Sauna and Steam areas, this amenity is providing a luxurious retreat for it's visitors and clientele, while providing a transcendence in the environment. The third floor bathhouse and sauna is designed to provide a cool and fresh space, so it is developed in black stone and aqua floor tiles. Arches from the exterior into the interior are developed with a mask of one of Michelangelo's paintings of the Heavens in the Sky. Providing a holy presence while being nurtured in the Carbon Rich baths. From the fourth floor's spiral staircase to the third floor's Spa retreat drops a lantern of illumination to the space providing the connection from the outdoor baths to the indoor space for the visitors and clientele.

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