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 Carbon Capture Technologies                

An Approach To Tomorrow's Environment and Resources 

Type: Proto-Type Research, Innovation

Status: Open For Interest
Commission: Pitch

           On our path towards a Carbon NetZero Society, within our Global Effort, are the goals to reduce Carbon Emissions, prevent Climate Change, counteract Water Sea-Levels, & protect our lasting Natural Resources. The development of these kinds of Technologies within Carbon Capture & Absorption of Solar Energies become imperative. The path towards Carbon NetZero develops an Environmental Doctrine, a promise to our Global Community, promoted within the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030/2050, invested in by the prestigious organizations such as the United Nations within International Affairs. Nevertheless, it is the hope of this Research, Innovation, Infrastructure & Technology, for which we depend on our days of tomorrow. From Data-Analysis to the Abstractions of “Working-Mechanisms”, the operating Eco-System, the functions of the Earth’s Stratosphere, the Development of Human-Life experience as Innovation in Technology continues to evolve; this is the motivation for the future projects of tomorrow. Projects that will determine the life span of Human Creation & Existence as we know it, but also develop the Job Market, Material Research, as well as, Socio-Economic & Socio-Racial Structures from hereinafter.

         Nevertheless, to the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030, Climate Change, is of the greater feat to conquer, combatting a lot of the issues in Energy-Efficiency, Poverty, Clean-Water & Sustainability. Within that experience is controlling Carbon Emissions, for which need to really decrease by almost (45) percent from the 2010 analysis, & finally deplete to NetZero by 2050. Today, that measured analysis, according to the International Energy Agency, shows that we have not really done to well in the Carbon NetZero report card. In the last (10) years, the Global Energy is up about (2) to (3) Gigatons in Carbon Dioxide, relatively, about (3) times the mass of the human population in the world. Since 1994, as the internet was introduced, Carbon Dioxide has soared almost (60) per-cent in (13) Gigatons. Today, the goal is to develop Technology & Infrastructure that sequesters, depletes & reproduces Carbon Emissions into more efficient material in Fuel Energies, Power-Supply & systems of working in better Air-Filtration for a Carbon NetZero Environment. Accordingly, the following Technologies in Carbon-Capture develop an answer to Carbon Emissions through Clean Efficient Technology-Systems which alter our Human Interactive & Inhabitable Experience. 


Hydro-Purifying Tower

Hydro-Purifying Cascades


Electro-Purifying Tower

Electro-Purifying Wall