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"Smart Architecture is as smart about money as it is about design. Yet at its heart, urban architecture is about far more than satisfying a series of pragmatic concerns. Our best buildings conjure civic delight." - A Country of Cities: A Manifesto For Urban America 

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Recollection: Linkage


What a roller coaster the last three days, one of  my watches had disappeared, and I left my phone at home before I walked out, so I had to go back and wasted 45 mins of my morning, Then I began thinking of why would my watch disappear, and why did my mind not work properly to remember my phone, I said, there are so many questions, that I have yet to find answers to,Then I think about whether thinking about strangling someone for my watch, has anything to do with road rage or obesity as such described in Vishaan Chakrabarti's Manifesto, I said, it doesn't really, I said, it has everything to do with placemaked distressed environments, Because we are aware of an issue and there's a distress, for changes being refused to  be made,   

Then I think about Linkage and I said, it's important to emphasize on how we want to change distressed environments, Who wouldn't want to live in a great tranquil, inspiring and active community, with a great urban greenscape and amenities, that alter the mind to a more relaxed, 

and culturally vibrant environment.

Then I said, my alter nemesis asks what about all the economists, masterplanners, CEO's, Investors, Politicians, or Citizens that just could not afford the space, or make the housing application, How do they affect the decision-making of this investment? I said, invite their children to partake in the swimming pool classes, from tower to tower, I said, invite the children to partake in the art classes in the air, from tower to tower, I said, invite the children to partake in the basketball gym in the building, from tower to tower,

Then they will like the complex because they love their children, 

there's no such thing as the parent whom does not want their children to grow in a great environment, to have orange juice at Mr. Trump's tower over-looking central park w/ Mrs. Clinton (recollecting the I need 6 million dollars and 3 cups of orange juices meme)

P.S. A Country of Cities is a great Manifesto, Today, there's a great interest in luxurious development, But it seems we haven't taken a greater interest or step to really experiment, what that vertical community and village is like, what is a diversity of characters and networks living in the same community, what is public housing with the boost and inspiration of the higher sector?


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