" Color is the place where our brains and universe meet " - Paul Klee 

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East 46th St.

Vermillion   A Showroom in a Workspace

      Vermillion, is titled after a very lavish and what I'd like to name as an exciting red pigment that is being used for the rennovation of this new office space in Midtown Manhattan. The office space is currently white with a grey carpet and flourescent light boxes suspended from the ceiling, making it a very dull and bland space to work in for a marketing and branding company of custom packaging and shopping bags. The client introduced the idea of having a showcase display similar to the one in their existing office, in where different bags could be displayed for visiting attention on different vertical display shelves. He also made it imperative to have a significant amount of storage for all the stuff that needed to be moved in to the new space and materials that are used for packaging purposes. So the project consisted of designing millwork and display walls to provide the neccessary storage and presentation required by the client. But it was very important to design a space that allows the visiting client to engage in a presentation experience, such as in a gallery or showroom of art. Hence, there is a significant circulation path that allows the client to engage with the complete space and provides a narrative for the use of each area, with different locations being presented as public and private, and seating areas as lounge or conference space. In where, some areas are highlighted with a polished wood floor deck and others with different rug spaces. 

       Moreover, the client wanted a lively space, a space that would entice provocation of creativity and excitement, and introduced a fascination with a wooden arch framed bookcase painted in red, as well as, a hallway with suspended mechanical systems painted in High Gloss Red. Instantly, we recognized an admiration of red, and we had a conversation of how red is an attention grabbing color but is also a very amorous one, and so, Vermillion was born along with other bright colors that came up in reference images. A notion of the color palette of the Bauhaus was introduced and Amarillo, Yellow, was born along with Black Matte, Weathered Grey Wood and High Gloss Cloud White. Each color signifies a space, where red is mostly of presentation and attention, and yellow of tranquility and service. The white is used to enhance the lighting of the presentation and the black matte to provide an appropiate contrast. The creativity in this project is in its final design through a low-budget in where Observed Objectives had to find a way for a sleek and final high-end design. 

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