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A Night's Edge (Equillibrium)

An Innovative Approach To Yatch Design, A City Afloat On A Submarine

Type: Competition, Research Concept

Status: Open For Interest
Commission: Pitch

         The development of this yacht was in an effort of stimulating the notion of a retreat or living environment built-up off different enticing, relaxing and rejuvenating programs for its inhabitants. Theoretically, a small living community, a city. From the outdoor sports activity area, to the kitchen-dining spaces, to a double-height zen area relaxed with the richness and soothing bubbles of a waterfall, to the infinity pools on the edges of the yacht providing the luxury of unparalleled panaromic views of the sunset horizon, A Night's Edge provides a fascinating architectural experience on the sea. The floor layouts are well developed and meticulous to the partition arrangements, millwork and art galleries. As well as, to the development of the hierarchy of programs from sea-level, where you find the residential spaces, a master bedroom, an office-work space and a recording studio, to the upper floors in space, or in the air, flaunting the cantilevered infinity pools and deck spaces with incredible scenic and momentary views. On the subfloor beneath the ocean through the yacht's key-feature the submarine level, you find a zen-area to read and mingle, with an enclosed lounge/tv room, a gym area, a 75-foot swimming pool and a sauna along the guppies and sea animals exposed through the windows. It is this idea of what is on-land, what is in space and what is of life and tranquility, a programmatic exploration of different daily needs and activities to develop a positive and enriching experience or retreat.

          A Night's Edge, an architectural experience and an engineering exploration to develop the structural capacity for the 4-floor decks to float above 2--submarine deck spaces providing an innovative journey to understand the capacities of yacht design for the future. Many important sustainable aspects are featured in this design, from understanding the effects and influences of the submarine afloat through an exterior tank around the yacht, embracing large amounts of water to allow the structure to float, to the solar voltaic panels and installations provided for the consumption of electricity in the structure. It is important to recognize the efficiency of such design and development, from the usage of power, to the usage of energy and innovation determined for the accelerated forces, possibly, using hydropower and adding to a larger extent the use of the exterior water tank. 

       Theoretically, through this project there has been a conclusion to a definition of what is the experience desired in a retreat for a small community of people, for a small city. From the notions of live, work and play the Night's Edge develops a large number of interactions and moments through its programs, one can work in the office space, enjoy recording music, have a family dinner, explore the beauty in the play areas of the Heli-Pad Lounge and infinity pools, read in the Zen area or swim and exercise in the sub-level. An enticing, as well as, fascinating architectural experience developed with the use of detailed lighting design, as well as, a well-defined palette of materials and a meticulous construction of the programmatic floor layouts.


The Master Balcony


The SunDeck Space

YachtScheme_LowerFloors_ 02.06.20.jpg

The Master Bedroom


Infinity Pools On The Horizon


The Heli-Pad Play Lounge

Ball Play On The Edge


The Piano Lobby


The Office Space


The Kitchen-Dining Area


The Recording Studio


The Waterfall Zen Space


The Swimming Pool

Yacht Levels2.jpg

A Night's Edge (Equillibrium)