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" The grid - or any other subdivision of the metropolitan territory into maximum increments of control - describes an archipelago of "Cities within Cities". The more each "island" celebrates different values, the more the unity of the archipelago as system is reinforced. " - S, M , L , XL

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An Architectural experience defining notions of city and interactions on sea.

Besides the innovation spoken of in the previous post , A Night's Edge, examines and defines amenities and programs to provide the speculative, stimulus and attraction of the potentials of a building or environment. It is very important to think carefully of what we want to create, who we want to invite and what we want to influence. As architects and designers we are creators and producers, we amplify and/or explore the theatrics of daily lives and habits. Therefore, it is a very critical process, when delivering on a concept or scheme, what are the nuances being developed to romanticize an experience? What is the ambiance that we are trying to create within each environment?

Yacht Levels2.jpg

A Night's Edge , Pt.2


The Horizon On The Sundeck

The beauty in this yacht relies on its open space levels of programs. The Sundeck Level also shared with the driver's cabin provides a panoramic view of the ocean with an unparalleled Titanic moment on the edge. Just above the infinity pools, visitors can go up to the sundeck area and experience a narrow walkway alongside an Art Panel, curating some of the best art work, and a circular lift space furnished with white leather sofas where one can lounge and read. The floor tiles in marble, the steel aluminum mullions and the bronze detailing give the roof slab a floating essence with organized recessed lighting and dropped  pendants to light the Art on view. 


The Heli-Pad Play Lounge 

Again the yacht relies on its open space levels of programs. The Heli-Pad Play Lounge provides a modernist experience with a curvilnear glass-paneled enclosure. The fixated design of the lighting system, somewhat of a star constellation, with light pendants dropped on specific areas, enhance the organization of the murals and panels, while depicting a space of luxury. From the lavish aspen white stone, to the crystallized gold and grey marble, to the bronze and white providing a lavish and clean experience for entertainment, play and romance right after arriving in style on a helicopter.


Infinity Pools On The Horizon

From the concept being the Knight's Edge, to literally a beautifully tranquil experience on the edge, take in this moment of horizon at night. There's this notion of the infinity pools, which are actually cantilevered, providing a space of rejuvenating life. From the floating slabs and open ended floor to ceiling areas, enhanced by the circular bar space to spice up your tolerance and a bbq area to have the perfect pool party. The lighting again doing it's justice from organized cruciform recessed fixtures to dropped glow boxes and chandeliered light globes signifying detailed prestige. From the floating stair to the marble tiles, to the pearl white slabs and bronze decor, luxury is appealing.


Ball Play On The Edge 

This third level of the yacht represents exactly this idea of play, lounge and entertainment, not only in luxury experience but as well as athletics and sports. A half basketball court is designed to have 3-pt shootout competitions or play King of the court, to a space for Volleyball or a Tennis match experience right on the edge of the yacht, taking in the breeze and panorama of the water. The ground lighting on each sport platform provides the notion of an unparalleled scenic experience, and the light tubes imprint the layout of the slabs providing glow on the exterior elevation of the Yacht.

In continuation of the yacht's primary goal, besides the innovation of the sub-floor beneath the water, A Night's Edge is defining the urbanism or interactive life on the sea. Through these programs interactions occur, habits are created, and relationships grow. Whether it is through a lunch at the pools, or while taking basketball shots, watching tv on the heli-pad lounge or while taking a stroll on the Art path on the upper levels, the designed spaces and experiences provide the means for a lavish, entertaining and romantic urban getaway on the sea. Perhaps, it is the culture of congestion that is missing on this archipelago, but the larger the yachts are designed the greater congestion there is and in that sense programs and amenities play a huge role in the developement of the city.

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