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       A Starbucks coffee shop proposal for a mixed-use buiilding inviting freelancers, business meetings, casual loungers and couples to engage in a vibrant environment. The design is manifested with an intuitive approach to circulation, service and differentiating space through communal and intimate spaces, as well as open lounge areas. A setback in the main storefront and a landscape installation is designed to illuminate the entrance and enhance the commuter's interest. Once you step into the shop, you are spaced in the "place an order" area beneath a unique lighting system, filtering light and prestige to the entrance. This space is recognized as the galaxial space, as it's recessed ligthing is layed out in a scene of stars. A light track in front of the menu takes in your focus as you begin to contemplate on your order. Once the order is placed you move along the shop to the service bar, where you admire the installation of the dropped lighting chandelier interplayed with Bonsai Trees and a lit flow of water representing the concept - "A Tree of Life" in the space.  Both the service bar and registry are lit with LED strips; differentiating what is intended for service versus served space.

    As you proceed with your order you have the option of walking around the service bar and exiting the shop, or engaging with the more private seating area, where walls are decorated with murals and seating is arranged according to the occupant. From the couple's area along the rear of the shop, to the meeting spaces in the sofa lounge(s), to the 'Thinker's' ledge where freelancers network along with their laptops. each space has its own delicacy; its own kind of light, allowing its own kind of noise, its own kind of activity and its own kind of environment. Hence, where a couple sits along side a wall sconce is very different from where the individuals sit beneath the chandelier on the sofas. The lighting is adapt to the prospective use of space, dropped pendants would have a much softer light to romanticize the more cozier areas and the lighting on the ledge would be flourescent enough to entice a well awaken community of doers and thinkers.

Type: Early Schematic Concept w Express Builders JB 

Status: Design-Process
Commission: Freelance Experience