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" It seems to me that if I was to incorporate in my architecture all the poetry of which it was capable, then I should study the theory of volumes and analyze them, at the same time seeking to understand their properties, the power they have on our senses, their similarities to the human organsim." 

                                                                                                                          Architecture, Essay On Art, Ettienne-Louis Boullee

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The Knight's Edge.

A Night's Edge Pt. 1 (Equilibirum)

       The development of a yacht is specific, because I am looking at it from the standpoint of a new city, a designed environment or retreat in nature. As depicted in the last post, Architecture, in the sense of a building, is designing a living system of interactions, moments, experiences and habits of foreshadowed ideas through design. When thinking about the Ark, in the last post, there was an interest in how the animals were separated on the narrative of the apocalyptic flood, and in the drawings of Boulee, there was an interest in defining the sectional drawing and the foreshadowed poetry he was trying to describe and create. 

   So the idea of designing a city without a site becomes interesting. Usually, we design buildings in architecture, in concurrence with its surrounding context and urban program. Instead, in yacht design we are defining the experiences of pleasure, entertainment, lounging, resting, dining and athletics in the sea. The environment created on the yacht is special, as you can imagine, one's day on a summer's length cruise, do you wake up and have a swim? Or do you wake up and go about your day and have a swim in the evening? Do you have breakfast or read for an hour? Or do you go to the gym and then have to go to the office room and check your email? Do you decide to take some basketball shots or meditate overlooking a beautiful view? These are relevant questions that create the environmental programs and the living systems that become the architecture in design.

     This is how we begin to develop the interactive programs and spaces in the design. A Night's Edge is conceptualized through the Master Balcony sitting on the front edge of the yacht, romanticized along a fire pit, from where the design takes complete form. It is literally taking a form  like that of a Knight's edge-knife. But nevertheless, it is the notion that from this Master Bedroom, a city of tranquility, dining, leisure, play activities, offices and resting spaces are developed. From a double-height water fall, maximizing the tranquility in a reading space under the sea, to the cantilevered infinity pools gazing over the ocean. Each space on the yacht is designed carefully, from each floor almost defining an escape from the residential zone on the horizon level, to the second floors of entertainment, athletics, and bar lounges, to the third floor where one finds the sun deck and bed space to lay beneath the stars. 

      These spaces all foreshadow a sense of experience, one where it should be romantic and another where it should be exciting, while another where it can be relaxing. Through it all one must find a balance to the experience, an Equilibrium to emotions, to sensations and actions to maintain in an entrapped environment. Imagine being afloat on sea without being able to leave the yacht for some time. Hence, the Equilibrium is translated to the main feature of the yacht, which is its sub-level floor, where the therapeutic areas exist. One can take swimming laps along the sea animals in the ocean, hit the gym, read a book in front of the jacuzzi with a dazzling two-story waterfall, or hangout in the lounge room, watch tv or listen to music all under sea level. This being possible thanks to the carefully designed, and would need to be well engineered, translucent water tank around the yacht which allows for the yacht to sink just enough for the floor level to be under water.

     The innovative nature of this design is finding the Equilibrium between all the structural members and it's weight to balance out with the water allowed to consume volume in the exterior tank enclosure. This allows the sub-level programs beneath sea level, as well as, takes weight away from the amount of power required to increase the yacht's velocity, while minimizing the use of solar panels for the yacht's energy efficiency. In all, it's a beautiful experience that can be developed for someone or a loving family whom is looking for a retreat of elegance on the water, while hinting and poking at innovational yacht design.

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