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Intro: Villa Placer Pt. 3  

The Residential Promenade 

A Villa design is a retreat of satisfaction or of pleasure. Started eight years ago as a second semester school project, in expanded research of Le Corbusier's Villa La Roche, one thing stayed the same and that is the concept of the private versus public circulation. The Villa is intended to work as a home along with a work and play environment. In where, in this case, the residential promenade is crucial to the experience of the inhabitant's needs. As a resident, the experience of the Villa is in interest of luxury, with a landscape and city view in a space of leisure and complete relaxation. From the showroom of the automobiles and motor-bikes at the entry to the swooping staircase and elevator up to the residential open lounge with the incredible view downtown, and to the living lounge on the ground floor with the infinity pool for an extravagant view on the horizontal plane. In all, the programs are specified to enhance a quality and pleasureable lifestyle from staying healthy, to water-leisures and high-end panoramic views for an exquisite interior/exterior living-design.

Dining-Kitchen / Resi Lounge 

     At the end of the public visitor's promenade is the beginning of the more private spaces of the residence. To the right, two images of the dining-kitchen area and the open residential lounge space. With a very high-end, Spanish revival interior, from the gold trims, to the amorous red carpet, the kitchen-dining space is one of love. Recalling Corb's Villa La Roche where he uses specific colors to set a mood, here red is in interest of making the dining-kitchen area the heart of the home. The open residential lounge extends this notion of a very amorous space which hosts a gathering area, a fire pit with natural water vases and a display of greenwalls that filter the day's air for a very soothing, comfortable and environmentally clean space. 

   The lighting an exquisite luxury of its own, with a dropped goldish-burgundy chandelier that lanterns the space in the kitchen-dining area and a custom pendant system that lights up the open residential lounge.


Master Bedroom

    From the cozy-red-amorous interior space of the kitchen-dining and living-lounge to the Master Bedroom which is designed with a modern natural picturesque aesthetic which allows the customized transparent glazing of the exterior windows. With grey wood tiled floor, a white travertine tub, aspen white and black marble finishes with gold trims and French grey doors, the Master Bedroom gives off a very fresh and sleek mood of comfort and openness. The space is designed for maximum exposure to the outside but as well as minimal privacy in the interior for a seductive relationship between those whom inhabit the space. 

      The ceiling finished in black with gold trimmed recessed lighting and an opening to the sky above the bed area allows for a beautiful night environment as well as a great interior-exterior contrast in the daytime. 


Greenwall Corridors

     There are two entrances to the private area of the Villa, if you are the resident driving in, you can park your car in the showroom at the exterior front, but if you are entering through a walking promenade experience, you enter through the pathwalk in between, leading to the double-height green walls that filter the interior air for a clean environment. The Green Walls not only serve environmentally, they also remediate water through a complex drainage system that assists the freshness of the greens, and act as art displays within their own natural remedy. The second set of Green Walls is found on the entry of the living lounge past the automobile showroom, from the difference in height, each set of walls has its own prominent space and corridor to experience a fresh and environmentally vibrant area.

     Again the walls filtered and remediated with water pools at their foundation and are also lit up through reflected lighting systems. 


The Living Lounge 

     From either the kitchen-dining area or the green wall corridor you dive into an incredible living space in the living lounge, with a great view downtown and a designed space of luxury from the bar, to the piano and waterfall area, to the gallery front displaying art, to the sofa-tv space with a fire pit, and to the sectional sofa that is placed for an incredible view to the city. An interior experience with an exterior relationship to mesmerize about. The stone walls on the ground floor counterpart to the concrete on the upper floor exteriors juxtapose the architectural quality of experience from a soft concrete to a roughly elegant and edgy stone. The living lounge has an orbital exterior relationship supported through the eloquently designed steel framed membrane that allows for the play of either the day or night sky into the interior.

     From chandeliers to lighting pendants and wall sconces, the space lights up along the stars of the night sky and the city's backdrop. 


The Infinity Pool

     Finally, the outdoor gathering area for a sensational lounging/bbq experience with a soothing infinity pool to the backdrop of the downtown skyline. The pool designed to accommodate rounds of swimming laps with a very lavish gold trim to glow out of the ground floor. The Villa is designed with the pool to sit right in the center of the visitor's promenade  for an interesting open and closed relationship to the sky. 

      The structural members become lighting techniques of the space as we celebrate the cantilever above the infinity pool. In all, the outdoor experience beautifully glows from the lighting bars, to the reflected ceiling lights, to the imbedded floor lighting and fire pit in the sofa area.


The Residential Promenade ends after the pool activities, which defines the luxury and private areas of the Villa away from the work spaces. This architectural design represents an architecture of exuberance from city life or character in a tranquil environment, from the arts display to the showrooms, everything is about framing a view or creating an experience. The residential experience is all about putting the inhabitant in a moment unparalleled. In all, Villa Placer is for the individual whom seeks a retreat with the notions of live, work and play by providing special areas for learning, relaxing, working and of coarse engaging in some late-night fun. It is the discipline of architecture, Corbu's idea: of the house as the city, the house as the machine, then the Villa is an exciting and rejuvenating retreat of different moments, experiences and acts throughout the day. 

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