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Materials, Decor and Ambiance Defining An Architectural Environment  II

Amenities and programs provide the speculative, stimulus and attraction of the potentials of a building or environment. It is very important to think carefully of what we want to create, who we want to invite and what we want to influence. As architects and designers we are creators and producers, we amplify and/or explore the theatrics of daily lives and habits. Therefore, it is a very critical process, when delivering on a concept or scheme, materials and decor, what is the ambiance that we are trying to create within each environment. 

14th Fl Plan.jpg

The Upper Pools


The upper pools would be an experience for the hotel's clientele and visitors. A recent conversation of what kind of music we would want to listen to while swimming may have inspired the concept, and/or ambiance, for the materials and decor of this space. Perhaps, we would enjoy the vibrance and tunes of classical music in the background, in hopes of a mentally and physically rejuvenating and refreshing swim. As we resonate on this kind of environment and reflect upon the classical facade and detail of the building, the space is developed through a series of arches, domes and vaults. In where the art and ingenuity of the renaissance may be recollected and the allure of swimming under a structure so holy is amplified with a ceiling mural referenced from the Palace of Versailles. Again, the architecture and decor is always intermingling with history and culture to develop a space of elegence and tranquility.   

15th Fl Plan.jpg

The Penthouse Suites

16th Fl Plan.jpg

The Penthouse Suites would be of the greater amenities offered in the Hotel for specific clients and visitors. 2-Story living units with double-height floor entrance lobby's and living areas are decorated in high fashion garments, colour and a dazziling spiral staircase which sprinkles with a dropped lighting chandelier from the public space to the more private resting areas. A fire place and arched doorways continue the ambiance of a classical architectural environment, while the use of burgundy, aspen white and black stone encourage a lavish taste and allure. Each suite has a bedroom with a tub in by the window over-looking the city and a balcony cat-walk to experience an upper level view of luxury. From the marble steps and tiles, to the stone, to the delicate Victorian wallpaper, to the golden/brass details of arches, and the specifically placed dopped chandeliers, lighting pendants and coves, each suite is designed for an unforgettable stay and experience of elegance.

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