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 "it was the violation of commonly accepted rules that made possible the unification of the arts in one bel composto" - The Artist, G Careri


One Bel Composto

       Architecture has always been interested in the intuitive and has developed through artistry. From the plans of Palladio; to the facades of Alberti in the early Italian Renaissance; to the Baroque masters of Bernini and Borromini; upon today through the works of Daniel Libeskind. Architectural creators emphasize upon the development of culture, style and taste through buildings inspired by on-going governmental affairs, revolutions and scientific/technological discoveries. It is through their architecture and design that they present their advocacy, their stance, their ideas and creativity to indulge in an effort of progress. An architect is an artist who creates ideas, ideas that develop into lines and forms of abstraction. An abstraction of assumptions and perspectives, disruption and organization. For the abstract, then turns into a facade, or a promenade, a circulation or an experience, and finally a building apart of a greater environmental community. As architects and designers it is most important to not get caught up in the advancements of 3d softwares, or in the efforts of doing things quickly, in a trade-off for our artistry. The most important part of design is in the creative process where ideas come together, anlalytics are explored and dots are connected. A simple sketch can do more than the fanciest software could ever produce. It is the idea that enrichens a space, the concept. 

       In my latest work, Antidote, there were a bunch of ideas, regulations, and influences that led to the final design. Most importantly, the essence of the project was to study the surge action of Hurricane Sandy and providing a defensive mechanism for a potential 100-year flood.Funny enough the surge behavior along with the site analysis of pedestrian activity led to the form of the building and circulation. The irregularity of the surge developed an effort for an irregular landscape that provided a tripartite design. From the line of a wave action, came along a pathway, then a defensive wall, to three buildings that had irregular setbacks to provide certain views, oppeness and enclosures. The dynamism of this architecture was in its artistic integrity, of transcending the regularly boxed lot into an irregular connectivity of different experiences at different moments of space.  Some may argue that architecture does not come from absolute intuition and I am one to argue against that. Architecture is an abstraction, that when done really well is a composition of ideas, an eclectic piece of art. 

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