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        The work area is a great site of about 12,000 sq ft., along side of a 6-car lane avenue road with private residences next door and a commerical factory across the street. The proposal was to design the maximum amount of quality apartments with a commerical first floor. The Commercial area would become either a supermarket, a gym or food/ retail area. This would be beneficial for the area being that it is majorily residential and factory orientated. In a simple and efficient design scheme, the proposal touched base on the surrounding context of the area, how the building should interact with its site and zoning limits, as well as the architectural language in its aesthetics that identified the mixed use amenities of a residential versus commercial.

         This design scheme, if you will, is a relatively simple example of a mixed use trademark in an urban neghborhood that starts a cultural environment of quality modern apartments with parking and a commercial area in an overlooked busy avenue with great potential. Spatious 2-bedroom apartments, each with their own balcony, are apart of the program which allow for an outdoor view for the apartment owners. The design uses geometrical shapes for an easy construction to detail each floor aesthetically and programatically. The use of glass allows for a lit building in the dark and represents the public living areas, again representing a trademark for an overlooked and quiet neighborhood.


Atlantic Ave.    

Type: Early Schematic Concept w/ HG Lee Architect

Status: Proposal
Commission: Proposal