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 "There is the way of working, sometimes called art, which gives to things made by man qualities of form beyond those demanded by economic, social or ethical expediency; a way of working which brings into harmony with ourselves some part of our environment created by us; which makes that environment, through education, a universal experience; which transforms the science of building into architecture..." - Architecture Culture 


Some excitement after reading the excerpt by Joan Ockman and Edward Eigen ...

         The importance of understanding the art of our existing environments can only enhance our abilities as architects for the future. To be able to sustain our creative skills and interwine them with intuitions and philosophies of social harmony is most important as we grow to become professionals of tomorrow's environment. To be able to distinguish space through light, textures, materials, sound; is the essence of natural beauty in the environment. While we continue to grow in technological and digital advancements, the principle of creative ingenuity remain, the most important toolset of an architect is the same as that of a writer, a painter, a do-er, just that we are bringing  our imagination to realization for the world to evolve in. A lot of what we become interested in is a continous study of human interaction through the environment. As critics of today and tomorrow, we must be able to embrace flaws and positivity together to understand what is necessary for the progress of tomorrow. 

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