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" The grid - or any other subdivision of the metropolitan territory into maximum increments of control - describes an archipelago of "Cities within Cities". The more each "island" celebrates different values, the more the unity of the archipelago as system is reinforced. " - S, M , L , XL

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An Architectural experience defining notions of city and interactions on sea.

Besides the innovative feature of the submarine on the yacht, A Night's Edge, examines and defines amenities and programs to provide the speculative, stimulus and attraction of the potentials of a relaxing environment or retreat. Carefully, thinking of what we want to create, who we want to invite and what we want to influence. As architects and designers we are creators and producers, we amplify and/or explore the theatrics of daily lives and habits. Therefore, in a very critical process, when delivering on a concept or scheme, there is a strong emphasis on the nuances being developed to romanticize an experience. Even more so with the ambiance that we are trying to create within each environment.

Yacht Levels2.jpg

A Night's Edge , Pt.3

The Master Bedroom & Master Balcony


The Master Bedroom being the pinnacle of the design on sea-level, interprets the notion of a growing city from a pinpoint on the Master Balcony, where a couple enjoys the romance of a sunset horizon view with the flames of a fire between the partition of the enclosed space of the bedroom and balcony edge. The bedroom with a cool lavish marble interior and stone tiling defined through articulations of lighting pendants and dropped ceilings provides a soothing and luxurious getaway. From the relationship of the bed space framed in front of the flames of fire to the bath tub in correlation with the shower, a moment between the inhabitants is foreshadowed. 

'Master Balcony, under the bright stars, on a Night's Edge, Love, Water and the Fire Pit, Bermuda Triangle as we sipped Garage d'Or, White Wine and your soft skin an amazing Allure, the never ending view of the ocean in the nighttime, the never ending horizons of a lifetime'

The Piano Lobby & Kitchen-Dining Area

The entryway of the yacht is actually anticipated in the middle of the floor layout, where you come into what would be a recollection of the Farnsworth House by Mies Van Der Rohe, with its floating roof slab in the Piano Lobby-Kitchen-Dining area and the MUCEM inspired golden-bronzed art partitions alluding to the glass frames of Mies. An architectural mockery is fancied in a sense where the transparent glass is traded for a culturally Byzantine inspired partitions that hold no structural desire but just for the luxury appeal of the space. From the stone, to the galvanized steel, to the marble and aspen white countertops, to the golden atmosphere, there is a sense of prestige and luxury defined. It is in the Kitchen-Dining area where you engage beneath the cantilevered infinity pools, giving a notion of birth of life, to the piano space where the waterfall drops alluding to mother nature's waterbreak. There is a refreshing atmosphere of elegance, rejuvenation and tranquility developed through the materials, panoramic scenery, use of water and customized lighting pendants. 

YachtScheme_LowerFloors_ 02.06.20.jpg

The Office Space & Recording Studio

YachtScheme_LowerFloors_ 02.06.20.jpg

To emphasize on this notion of Live, Work, Play, The Night's Edge provides an office space and recording studio for it's inhabitants to produce and work throughout their retreat. A cream space detailed with a golden-bronze finish enamours a clean and cozy environment to work in. While the recording studio provides an atmospheric galaxy allusion with the purple touches and glowing suspended light boxes, inviting the singer to record in a room with the view to the sky at night lit up with the stars. It is this notion of talented artists, singers or composers to fully imbed themselves in a realm of creativity and artistic outburst through the nature of a galaxial purple world, or a white-cream spaced sanctuary.

'She sang to my verses on Night's Edge'

The Waterfall Zen & Swimming Pool

YachtScheme_LowerFloors_ 02.06.20.jpg

Perhaps the most invigorating space on the yacht is the Zen area, where you find yourself in a double-height floor space relaxed in front of a dazzling drop of light globes and  a magnificent waterfall splashing on to the jacuzzi in front of a fire pit. This space made up and detailed of a luxurious palette of materials from pearl white acrylic finish slabs, to french grey wooden millwork, to cream marble walls and tiles flourished with a burgundy carpet and specifically positioned lighting fixtures, a sense of elegance is enticed between the inhabitants in a space where one can read, relax or romance on the sofa or jacuzzi. Further down the floor level you find a 75-foot swimming pool where exercise and swimming laps can be experienced under a lavish ceiling enticing the luxury of the yacht, alongside the guppies and sea-animals swimming in the purple water.

'It was when you came down the steps, in that silk gowned dress . . . 

Jacuzzi water splashed in the background, Sun, Water and the Fire Pit, You Played Cleopatra on a night sound, what a royal scene, On A Knight's Edge . . .'


A Night's Edge is defining the urbanism or interactive life on the sea. Through these programs interactions occur, habits are created, and relationships grow. Whether it is through the mingle and tingle in the work/recording space or the lobby/kitchen-dining area, or while romancing  in the master bedroom and balcony,  or while swimming laps or reading in the Zen area on the lower levels, the designed spaces and experiences provide the means for a lavish, entertaining and romantic urban getaway on the ocean. Perhaps, it is the culture of congestion that is missing on this archipelago, but the larger the yachts are designed the greater congestion there is and in that sense programs and amenities play a huge role in the development of cities and living communities.

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