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 "Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness" - Frank Gehry


Exterior and Allusion

The use of aluminum steel has always been an interest of Gehry


for the response it gives upon the appearance of light. The


pristine shine that leaks down the curves of New York at certain


moments of the day illuminate the skyline. As the sun goes down,


the façade plays its part and cools off, embracing and


embellishing the natural picturesque sky in the backdrop.

It's a representation of time through architecture, a theatrics of a morphing structure but as an allusion. It's a static building that dances with light and glitters in the night time, as the punched windows swing from curve to curve on the facade. The reflection of the city lights allow for an interesting glow on the building providing a serious intuition of how great the use of materials, structural fixation and light can be to provide an exuberant facade decoration. 

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