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 Villa Placer  

An Architectural Escape or Retreat, A New Kind of Architecture 

Type: Atypical, Research Concept

Status: Open For Interest
Commission: Pitch

     Villa Placer conceptually located in the Miami Islands for an incredible city view and to fit in with the waterscape of it's surroundings. The Villa is derived through a play of forms and programs. A smart relationship between public and private spaces extracted from Corb's approach in La Roche. The ground floor exteriors cladded in stone and the upper floors in smooth concrete give an eloquence and strength to the building's structure and prominence. In where, we also come to understand the importance of his Five points of Architecture, as spaces and masses are elevated above the ground through pilotis, a free façade allows a series of horizontal windows that are customized to a new aesthetic, while the roof garden is incorporated for sustainable measures, and the free design of the ground floor allows a meticulous architectural layout and promenade as shown through the building footprint and floor plans. It is through this principle and through the project's goal, in maximizing the inhabitant's pleasure, that the project is conceptualized. From the notion of the Visitor's promenade which invites one through an entry Lobby/Art Gallery, up a series of stairs above an Aquarium to the Jacuzzi/Library where water splashes and invigorates a sense of tranquility. Then followed by the ramp into a Corridor of Flashing Lights created by the free façade through a series of open slits, into the working Studio space reaching a moment of climax with a dramatic panoramic view of Downtown Miami and the rejuvenating islands. Once out of the studio, back into the Corridor of Flashing Lights, down the ramp into the Stars Lounge where one can have a drink at the bar, gaze at art work, watch SportsCenter or have a game of billiards, to culminating the Visitor's Promenade into the Residential Living Area. The residential living area where the dining-kitchen space is experienced in a Spanish Revival interior to the Living Lounge with a curved transparent double-height ceiling for a Starry Night Sky or a romantic rainy day where water drips along the surface. The visitor, whether handicapped, has the option of taking the lift in the upper floors down to the Green Wall corridors and out into the infinity pool/outdoor lounge with the incredible view downtown or out of the house to finalize the experience.

       The inhabitant's experience is much more different as the Villa introduces an entry through the garage space, which is also an automobile showroom in the front elevation. Pass the showroom, the inhabitant can go up the lift into the residential private areas or into the living lounge and up the dazzling stairs along side the night or daytime sky to the dining area. An interesting architectural experience is designed for a live/work environment in where one can have a relaxing read in the jacuzzi or on the sofa with a morning coffee before beginning the work day in the studio space. To then mingle in the lounge area for some drinks, or into the dining area for the evening dinner and finalizing the day in the living or residential lounge by the firepit. On another note, one can just enjoy the evening view towards downtown on the sofa lounge while hitting the gym or infinity pool in the outdoor area for some laps before going to bed. The bedrooms also provide a relaxed environment with the surrounding landscape in the front of the building which is designed for an openly calm and soothing setting. In all, a fascinating architectural experience through the investigation of private and public spaces. These spaces introduce an architectural form and layout developing a distinguished promenade, as well as, a Villa like no other of relaxed, active and mingle experiences.


The Art Gallery / Lobby Entrance 

Art Gallery2.jpg

The Floating Stair / Aquarium


The Jacuzzi Library 


The Flashing Lights Corridor 


The Office-Work Studio 


The Flashing Lights Corridor 


The Stars Lounge 

The Dining-Resi Lounge


The Master Bedroom


The Living Lounge 


The GreenWall Corridor


The Infinity Pool