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     L'Attraccion is a contemporary home designed for a couple, an artist and a writer. The couple wanted a home that reminded them of how they first met, which was in a gallery of art that they both enjoy visiting from time to time. In response, the design of the home is emphasized around a central gallery space that acts as an intermediate and presentation space for both workers. L'attraccion is a residential working environment and for that reason has three entrances. According to the respective visitor, these three entrances interact with the surrounding slope of the site in a different way. Moreover, the program is manipulated to enhance the spatial interaction that is created through the use of stairs and spaces of private versus public. Throughout the house the inhabitant's circulation evokes different perceptions and views based on their position in the home and purpose of visit. The home is located in the cold climate of Buffalo, New York and required a design that would sustain in the cold environment but still provides a natural atmosphere with great heat gain, as well as natural light and views.

Type: Schematic Concept, Residential

Status: Proposal
Commission: Graduate Studio Work