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Intro: Villa Placer Pt. 2  

The Visitor's Promenade 

A Villa design is a retreat of satisfaction or of pleasure. Started eight years ago as a second semester school project, in expanded research of Le Corbusier's Villa La Roche, one thing stayed the same and that is the concept of the private versus public circulation. The Villa is intended to work as a home along with a work and play environment. In where the visitor's promenade is crucial to the experience of the Villa's program. As a visitor, one is intended to experience the live-work-play through a "day's agenda"  of learning, working and social intermingle, while as a resident, the programs are specified to enhance a quality and pleasurable lifestyle from staying healthy to water-leisures and high-end panoramic views for an exquisite interior living-design.

Lobby Entry/Art Gallery

As one approaches the Villa, you will recognize a seperation in the front elevation of the facade, emphasizing an entry way to the main lobby which hosts a Double-Height Art Gallery. The gallery is designed with a mystique to the Bauhaus, with it's juxtaposing platforms, stairs and geometric forms. Lavished in marble, the gallery sets the tone for the luxury of the Villa. A sleek cut of the floor introducing the aquarium entices the beginning of the promenade while giving the space a relaxing sense with the flow of purifying water beneath your stance. The lighting is unique to the applicability of the art panels, justifying a move-able recessed fixture on the platforms of the interior space.

Art Gallery2.jpg

The Stairs/Aquarium

Pass the Art Gallery, one steps up into a corridor of cantilevered stairs designed to float above what is a sunken aquarium. The beautiy is in the structure that makes up this stair, from the steal girders, to the aligned marble steps that angle-in perfectly. A series of steel rods strengthen a very light coat of transparent glazing, while providing the geometry of the program. This space actually becomes a special moment in the house. At introduction one can experience a shared moment floating above on water. The lighting design again does its job with recessed fixtures aligned with the directionality of the stairs in circulation and a light tube around the aquarium tank to give it an impression off the ground.


The Jacuzzi-Library 

Once you get to the second floor, above ground into the home, the layout of the interiors provoke an entry into what is the Jacuzzi-Library, with a simple nuance on the partitions by opening into a space rather than forcing the strong right-angle turn upon a wall.The library includes these book shelved-walls, angled in a way of pulling you into the circulation of the promenade, while the furniture entices different moments of interaction or purpose. For example, the front sofa right in front of the coffee pantry is a perfect place for your morning brew and the couplet seating further in is a perfect space to sit and read before or after sitting in the jacuzzi. In decoration, the space is tiled in granite for a rich, but yet strong sense upon the leak of water and the walls in green-aqua detailed in gold trims for a tranquil spa like interior decor. Recessed fixtures and wall sconces light up the space softly, while a pendant drops for a specific moment or space.


The Flashing Lights Corridor

Two corridors in the Villa and on the floor plan transform the visitor's experience from a tranquil serenity to a momentum of natural and artificial light. This method of design or architectural poetry, if you will, is in effort of cultivating a sense of hierarchy in the promenade. From the ramps going up and down into the light corridors or into the studio space presented below and out into the library or lounge, the design is emphasizing this idea of reaching a spatial climax. The energy entering the slits of the facade upon these corridors demonstrate the hyper-tension before reaching the panoramic view into the ocean, but also demonstrates the release of energy into the lower more active spaces. The corridors allow natural light in through the slits upon the facade, so as you move, light is streaking in from different directions. While in the evening artificial light takes over and provides a feel of enhancement upon each step of the way.


The Work Studio w/ A View 

One of the most exciting spaces in the Villa, is the work studio, which the visitor is suppose to reach mid-day when the sun is at it's highest level, taking in a beautiful panoramic view of the Miami Islands. Coming out of the tranquil water splash of the Jacuzzi Library, into the tension of the Flashing Lights corridor in where there is a sense of climax when reaching the curved panorama opening to the Islands in the studio space. The interior designed as a work-station provides a symmetrical layout for millwork storage, a desk area with a conference TV, and wall-partitions for presentations elevated on marble tiles. A beautiful sectional arranged with two single sofas take over the peak of the space for a relaxing rest and meeting area with an unparalleled view. The space is materialized in aspen white stone, white suede and gold trims for a clean look, while using blackstone and burgundy rugs for a rich feel and aesthetic. The recessed lighting is that of a symmetrical constellation, adequately lighting specific spaces for functionality, while light tracks allow the visuals on the presentation walls to be enjoyed.


The Stars Lounge

The Visitor's final space of program is the lounge where one can mingle after a day's work or meeting, have a drink by the bar or engage in a game of billiards while watching sportscenter on TV. This space is named the 'Stars Lounge' for its punctuated stars, giving it an impression of a "Starry" ceiling. The space lavished in blackstone, white marble and decorated wall paper having a sense of richness furnished with white sofas, water vases and purple pillows. Dropped lanterns, wall sconces and pendants add an interior glow to what is actually a cozy space entertaining the notion of a nightlife.  


The Visitor's promenade ends after the lounge activities, such as one's day would. This architectural design represents an architecture of the daily work-life of an individual whom values time with the notions of live, work and play by providing special areas for learning, relaxing, working and of coarse engaging in some late-night fun. It is the discipline of architecture, Corbu's idea: of the house as the city, the house as the machine. The Visitor is another citizen-civilian inhabiting a home such as that of a city throughout the day, going through different programmatic activities and hypertensions. Although, the design is still conceptual and seeks to be built, it would be great for an interest, as we prepare for the next post of the Residential/Private experience bringing other incredible spaces of this Villa . . . . .

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