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 "Architectural emotion exists when the work rings within us, in tune with a universe whose laws we obey, recognize and respect. When certain harmonies have been attained, the work captures us. Architecture is a matter of harmonies,..." - Le Corbusier


After reading an excerpt of Towards A New Architecture I am excited about the analytical thinking demonstrated in this text. Though, I do not agree with the definitions and terminologies he associates with an architect and engineer. I say this because to me a well equipped Architect understands the engineering very well and is in tune with what is being designed, conceptually, atmospherically, intuitively; as well as, structurally. An engineer, though incredibly smart and capable, often times, misses the opportunities to create architecture because their practice focuses much more on primary forms and mathematics and less on the artistic nuance, the story and environment being created. Imagine the endless line in its most basic form, so boring if it never stretches to another point, more intriguing when it curves a bit out and back forth in; or when it pockets spaces by different turns and angles. Through the possibility of working in a team, today, engineers, are pushing boundaries that are allowing architects with great imagination to reach new levels, the use of space frames, hyperbolic paraboloids  and curved trusses which are creating a picturesque scenery giving a new meaning to structure.


So then if architecture is a matter of harmonies, then what is built should be of the dance, the groove, the beat, the feel and the experience. It's like that beat you hear with the unforgettable melody, in company with the right wordplay painting the perfect picture.

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