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      46th Roof is a rooftop terrace belonging to a penthouse apartment, developed for a client with an interest for a lounging space of leisure and dining. The space was designed for an interaction of different uses . A change in elevations characterizes each designed space as its own. The lounging area sheltered with a new Pergola includes a fire pit and sofa area for cozy nights of interaction, surrounded by plant growth and vegetation. The dining area and communal table is elevated at a lower level between both the penthouse elevation and lounge area. The private roof balcony is designed for a private interaction for the inhabitants overlooking the street.

       The terrace is decorated with stone and marble pavers in specific locations to signify a change of spatial use. A new railing is installed along the terrace for security and protection. The railing also provides an extra aesthetic for the terrace with its use of steel and bulk of wooden rail.




Type: Design Development w/ Martin Hero Architect

Status: Working Document
Commission: Freelance

46th St. Terrace