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     In this project, a surface, topographic site, had to be created with the use of a 18" by 18" square paper. The goal was to maintain the 18" boundaries and not lose any of the space on the paper as the transition and manipulation of the paper was done. In order to create a third dimension on to the surface, undercuts were done to maintain the boundaries but allow for elevations to occur. Through a delicate form and design of the square, through a grid using french curves, specific measurements led for undercuts and folds that allowed for a very attractive elevated surface. After a final solution of creating this topography a measuring device was assembled to plot the elevations and survey the site. After the elevations were plotted on a map and the survey of the site was completed, the information was extracted into a 3D modeling program to understand the site's conditions and create an inhabitable space. 

      The surface created had to become an interactive component for a space to allow the positions of seating, standing and laying. In addition to the surface, the material of wood was introduced to create pathways and circulation that can enhance the purpose and significance of the site created. The wood allowed for a design of different constrained spaces, a circulation around the site that with the interaction of the surface allowed for different moments and views of the site. The sun path and human posture was considered to add a program of leisure, romance and contemplation. Models were studied through paper and the final site was created with plaster and wood.



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