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Musee des Civilisations de L'Europe et de la Mediterranee

                                                                                                                                                                                                             By Rudy Ricciotti

© Steven Massarat


     In many ways, the experience I interpreted in this building was an interest and curiosity of the mediterranean traditional values to a new world and experience. The allusion of a bridge that is connecting to the old port, constructed and represented in stone, to a building of new technology in materials, represents not only the advancement of the times, but the way the visitor experiences space. The MuCEM works as a transparent building in the day from the interior, through its use of a curtain wall that wraps around the entire building and a structural skin that has its perforations for natural light and viewing access. In the evening, through the qualities of its interior lighting, the buildings functional activity is exposed through the same facade, giving it an attractive eloquence as a landmark of urban space for the present and existing future. On the exterior, where the building's facades are exposed to the sun, the skin allows for a protective barrier and layer to exist. Theres a play between function and space, enhanced through its materiality exposure. The promenade of the building is an unveiling circulation through the bridge and ramps to different programs and galleries, which lead to a maximized space for occupancy, the main auditorium.

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