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Interpolation (Pavilion)


     Interpolation is a project that extends from an analysis of the body in motion considering constrained and manipulated forces. For the concept and research of this project, a basketball play of a player in motion in direct relationship with a ball and a basket was observed and broken down into vectors and points. The court served as the constrained space and the motion of getting the ball to the basket served as the interchanging variable (time). Through different movements, the ball in the air, the forces of bouncing and shooting the ball, the movement of the body joints when taking a step forward, allowed different vectors of position and directions to be created. Through this analysis, the data of a basketball routine was able to create a three dimensional space that described time and space with influences of gravity and human force. The results of vectors and points become a program for a pavilion that would host a space to sit, lay and stand creating an environmental architectureal experience of its own. 

    The purity in your movement and actions when critically analyzed wants to speak volumes of interpretation, regarding space and time.


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