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"There is something in the nature of urban artifacts that renders them very similar - and not only metaphorically - to a work of art. They are material construction, but not withstanding the material, something different: although they are conditioned, they also condition."  - The Architecture of the City 




        In the aftermath of the urban exploration in Erraticism, Hybridity becomes an architecture that entices the notions of a building representing a city of different networks. From the entry stairways that morph out into the site's sidewalk, plazas and riverways, while providing gathering areas of leisure. The building itself represents a transition from a city streetscape to a tranquil landscape through the exterior's material and the interior's function. A transparent facade explores the meaning of a commercial and communal public area in the building, while setbacked floors coated in staggered panels provide privacy for the residential spaces overlooking onto the city's urban fabric, riverways and greenways.