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         An urbanistic exploration on an existing site of Beacon, NY, which is bounded by the Hudson River to the west, an interstate highway to the north and highly elevated mountains to the south. In a Tabula Rasa effort, the city is then developed through hyper densified nodes that allocate different programs, waterways and greenways in an effort to defining the environmental medium between the erratic and tranquil. It is the idea that you can escape from an overcrowded space of buildings and streetscapes to a near by plaza or pictureseque landscape. An escape to the near by tranquil sounds  and vistas of a waterway. This exploration determines different functions of the city through networks of transportation and living, identifying the greater influence of mobile or pedestrian circulation in commerce, leisure and urbanity.

       As moments and architectural artifacts are manipulated in the space of the city, the relationships between the buildings and human scale are also explored through irrational and abstract scenarios. The city becomes a network of structures.

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