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IRT NYC 7-Line 

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Exploring Station Nodes As An Urban Phenomena

Type: Schematic Concept, Research (Thesis)

Status: Proposal
Commission: Graduate Studio Work

         The subway line serves as an urban exploration of densities and nodes in specific areas of the city. The route itself, already allows a mapping of urban areas, in which become the epitomical product of the diversity of socio-economic and socio-cultural forces of their surroundings. The thesis in this work is reading the subway as a representation of social diversities in the city, in where we can have a greater understanding of the influences that have an impact on the city's growth and urban phenomena. Therefore, in this work I am observing  the IRT Subway 7-Line, providing a glimpse of it's importance in the City of New York, as well as, scoping down to the user-experience of it's primordial station in 42nd St., Times Square. The work goes through an analysis of nodes that are connected by the train route and an exploration of the use of space and what it can become architecturally, urbanistically, and theoretically through drawings or urban connections, visual material explorations, and identifying relationships of proxemics in an over-crowded and active space such as the subway.

Jackson Heights

Main St. Flushing

Herald Square

Times Square

Long Island City

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