"The paper plane teaches you to imagine. Once you dream, you set your intention. This is what I want. This is where I want to go..." 

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Formulative III


     From the transparent glass in the main amenity spaces to the cool steel frames through the facade to the brass balcony installation that decors the standing play of the building: a conversation is developed between the definition of materiality and space. There's the psychology of momentum in our daily lives that a living architecture can represent. As the panels move, opening the private residential space to the public scenery, there's a representation of a community of different acts. Each level of residential pertains to a specific living community, and so the dynamism of the facade represents the development of the city's interaction. Hence, the living architecture becomes the house as the machine, and the house as the city. The amenity spaces are to pull an ambiance and an interest to the building. As in the urban realm in where culture, leisure, athletics, and play activities such as eating or lounging are embraced in a never ending act upon the city. It is the pull from and into the building, or the pull from and out to the city that allows the architecture to live and inteact upon the environment with its inhabitants. 

385 Gold St.

Facade Detail

Facade/Balcony View