Greatly Observed Objectives Defined, dedicated to providing quality Architectural Design, Project Management and Administration, as well as, Building Analysis. The idea of the start-up, born through an artistic voyage or exploration of spreading awareness of Architectural Design, Pedagogically, recognizes and understands the Built Environment we find ourselves living in and how we can enhance Quality Life for everyone. While there is a strong belief in the understanding of Architecture as an experience, there is also a belief that Spatial Planning has a major influence upon daily Cultural Interest, Outcomes and Habits. Through Architectural Research, Feasibility and Building/Site Analysis we become interested in the overall 'Real-Estate', supporting a strong notion that the relationship between Culture, Socio-Economics and Architectural Design provides a diverse manipulation of Environments. Through this outlet there is an aspiration to continue to develop the Architectural Practice through drawings and overall Building Design, developing a greater discourse on Architecture, Energy-Infrastructure, Sustainability and Urbanism.

As a product of the city, all works are in tune with the Diversification of Culture(s) and the influence they have upon our Daily Environments. So in Architecture, there is far more in a building language than just its aesthetics; it is the space that is designed that has an everlasting impression and influence.

Founding Architect-Designer

Bryan Espinoza 

Associate AIA, NCARB

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